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- Thin, multiple circuits & even temperatures


Flexible foil heaters provide precise, dependable and immediate heat transfer for many applications. Our innovation center is employed with highly qualified engineers continuously working with new applications and materials. This allows us to find the optimal heating solution to meet your needs and produce it quickly. Our flexible heaters consist of an etched-foil laminated between one of our flexible insulations. Our flexible foil heaters also offer many more benefits including custom watt densities, various dielectric strengths, thin or thick profiles, added pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), or bond directly to heat sinks.


As the demand for smart simple solutions increases, Backer HTI is continually evolving to meet the needs of the applications. Our designs with integrated thermal controllers and sensors offer solutions that communicate through RS232, WiFi, or Zigbee.

Backer HTI can design and produce intelligent heaters for nearly any size heater and temperature gradient. Contact us and our experienced engineers will guide you through finding the best possible solution to fit your application.


Even temperatures

Elements may have differentiated heating density to ensure even temperatures despite edge losses

Easy sensor location

Sensor connections are arranged in the same plane as the heating circuit

Multiple voltages

A 12 V connection - to drive a fan, for example -may be arranged in a 220/240 V element


Heating foil elements are manufactured to customer specifications

Multiple circuits

An element may comprise both a heating-up and a temperature holding circuit


Heating Foil elements are flexible: they can, for example, be mounted around a container


  • Camera heater

    Camera heater

    Prevents mist, condensation and ice on the lens to ensure a safe drive.
  • Battery heater

    Battery heater

    The batteries charging rate is affected by temperature and by adding heating to the batteries, both lifetime and efficiency will increase.
  • Test tube heater

    Test tube heater

    Requires small, exact and direct heat. Enables use of different power zones.


Backer HTI uses a wide selection of circuit and insulation materials and work together with our customers to find a solution that best fits their needs. Foil heating is an excellent solution when good thermal transfer is needed in a specific area, and are used in thermal control design to protect components under cold-case environments, or to make up for heat that is not dissipated. At Backer's innovation center, highly qualified and experienced engineers continuously experiment with new materials to continue improving our proccesses.

Superior heat transfer and uniform heat output. Fast warm up with long life cycle.

Max. power density: 0,6W/cm²

Max. temperature: +105°C

Mirror heaters · De-icing equipment · Hand grip heaters · Rear view mirrors · Battery heaters

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Product examples

Heater for snowmobile handlebars

Heater for keyboards

Heater for shoes/feet


Self-regulating, robust and corrosion resistant with PTC characteristics.

Max. power density: 0,3W/cm²

Max. temperature: +70°C

Rear view mirrors · Lens heaters · Waterbed heaters · Low temperature applications · De-icing

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Product examples

Heater for headlights

Heater for rear view mirrors

Heater for coffee makers


Low power, constant wattage with a large span of resistivity. Insensitive to small damages.

Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²

Max. temperature: +70°C

High voltage, small area applications · Waterbed heaters · IR targets · Floor heating

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Product examples

Floor heating

Waterbed heaters

Thin and semi-transparent with excellent dielectric strength. Resistant to chemicals.

Max. power density: 1,3W/cm²

Max. temperature: +200°C

Military and aerospace · Medical diagnostic instrument · LCD displays · Lens heaters · Laboratory research

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Product examples

Heaters for alco locks

Heater for camera/lens

Heater for anesthesia

Excellent temperature properties. Can be vulcanized to metal parts.

Max. power density: 1,3W/cm²

Max. temperature: +230°C

Food service equipment · Medical respirators · Ultrasonic cleaners · Freeze protection and condensation prevention

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Product examples

Heater for railway couplers

Heater for industrial application

Heater for ultrasonic wash


High power density. Fast warm up and high working temperatures.

Max. power density: 5W/cm²

Max. temperature: +600°C

Food service appliances · Semiconductor industry · DNA analyse · Radiators/heating panels · Packing/strapping/sealing equipment

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Product examples

Heater for packaging machine

Heater for medical application

PEN is similar to PET but has higher chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.More cost effective compared to polyimide.

Max. power density: 1W/cm²

Max. temperature: +160°C

Electronic devices · Radiators · DNA Analysis · High power standard elements

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Product examples

Heater for DNA analysis

Heater for radiators

(Fibre Reinforced Thermo plastic) Stiff, extremely durable, water resistant.

Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²

Max. temperature: +100°C

Radiator panels · Heaters for rough conditions

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Very flexible, water proof and acid resistant with high mechanical strength.

Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²

Max. temperature: +70°C

Waterbed heaters · Water heaters · Military equipment · Slim blankets /Surgery beds

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Product examples

Heater for surgery beds

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