FRTP (Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) heaters are a unique product patented by Calesco Foil AB. The heating element is integrated in fiber reinforced thermoplastic material. The heating circuit is hence well protected inside an extremely durable enclosure with superior impact and abrasion resistance properties. The material is also moisture resistant and therefore well suited for harsh environments. The stiffness of the product makes it suitable for both stand-alone applications as well as integration in other equipment. The product can have many different surfaces ranging from soft thermoplastic rubber to stiff shiny surfaces with integrated text or even pictures. The heater can also be laminated together with heat-insulation as well as metal parts. The unique manufacturing technique enables a large freedom in design.
Heater benefits
- Stiffness
- Durability
- Impact resistance
- Design freedom
- Integrated functions
- Water resistant

Typical applications
- Radiator panels
- Heater for rough condition
- Floor heating


 Technical Specifications

Max. element temp. °C,(°F)

80 (176)

Min. element temp.°C,(°F)


Dielectric strength at 20°C as per ASTM KV/mm


Thermal conductivity at 100°C W/m °K


Moisture absorption as per ASTM D-570-63.
(24 hour immersion at 23°C) %


Waterproof as per IEC 335-1 sect. 15-16


Constant of dielectricity at 25°C, 50 Hz


Bending radius, min. mm


Max. element width mm


Power density W/cm2

0.1 W/cm2 (up to 0.1 immersed)

Resistance tolerance

As standard, ± 10% of nominal. Tolerance down to ± 2%, available

Rated voltage

Up to 690 V AC/DC single or 3-phase