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  • Flexible Foil Heaters

    Flexible foil heaters provide precise, dependable and immediate heat transfer for many applications.

  • Tubular Heaters

    Tubular heating elements can be used for many applications which require a uniform heat source over a distributed area.

  • Power Resistors

    Resistors are an electro thermal component designed and produced to meet almost any electrical power specification.

  • Waterbed Heaters

    Backer has been manufacturing the Calesco waterbed heaters for over 35 years.

Backer Heating Technologies, Inc.

Backer manufactures a wide variety of electrical heating elements, electrical circuits, sensors, antennas and power resistors. With Backer's European Engineering and Global Manufacturing you get an ISO9001 and TS16949 certified quality product at a competitive price.


Our specialty is our ability to customize almost any type of electrical heating element to meet a range of customer specifications. With the Backer worldwide network we have the ability to apply different types of technologies to meet your electrical heating element requirement


Backer HTI is located outside Chicago and with our warehouse we have the ability to maintain inventory to meet our customer's expectations for on time delivery and safety stock. Our logistics and customer service team is currently working with high demand industries like the automotive where on time delivery and zero defects are very important.

We have a trained quality staff on site that includes electrical engineering support to help answer your technical questions.


Electrical heating elements provided by Backer are known to provide precise, dependable and immediate heat for many different applications. So if you have a particularly challenging requirement, we highly recommend that you discuss your requirements with our team.