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- uniform heat source over a distributed area


Tubular heating elements can be used for many applications which require a uniform heat source over a distributed area. Tubular heaters are very versatile and can be designed with wide range of diameters, lengths, sheath materials and voltage ratings.

The flexibility of these heating elements allows them to be formed into virtually any shape, including precision forming for a tight fit into milled grooves of manifold surfaces. Multiple termination options are available depending on application requirements.

These options include threaded stud terminals, flexible lead wire or bulkhead fittings. Customized terminations are available for harsh or high-moisture environments. Tubular heating elements provide an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. The precision fit optimizes heat transfer to the working surface. These tubular elements can be clamped, immersed, cast into metal or spaced away from the work as radiant heaters. They can also be positioned in ducts or vessels for heating air and other gases. The heating element consists of the following typical protective tube materials: - Carbon (mild) steel - Stainless steel and heat-resisting steel - Copper - Incoloy - Bundy - Aluminum The heating element consists of the following typical component parts: - Protective tube - Resistance wire (heating coil) - Magnesium oxide - Terminal pins


  • Engine heater

    Engine heater

  • Fryer heater

    Fryer heater

  • Tubular heater

    Heater for medical equipment


Air heaters


Air heaters is a group of heating elements that is designed to the highest standard by first understanding the air mixture to be heated.

We design air heating solutions by following strict guidelines to ensure the safest, most efficient heating solution possible.

Air flow, specific gravity, volatility, corrosive nature, and watt density are just a few of the factors to be analyzed within the design process of an air heater.

Our tubular heating elements are manufactured using top-quality materials and provide a steady and secure heat source to suit your particular needs. They provide clean heat, offer versatility, require little maintenance, and are considered easy to install. Tubular heaters are used in a variety of installations that require higher air temperatures to accomplish drying, baking, and preheating. High temperature duct heaters are also used in annealing and dehumidification as well.

Type of heating elements

  • Tubular
  • Finned
  • Fin strip
  • Cast-in

Field of applications

  • Radiators
  • Ovens, grills of all sizes
  • Infra-red heaters
  • Hot-air curtains
  • Sterilization equipment
Immersion heaters


Immersion heaters is a group of heating elements that is the common alternative for direct heating of various liquids such as water, oil, solutions, industrial baths etc.

The heating element may be easily shaped to meet customer-specified requirements. For head-type heating units there is a possibility that the heater itself may be made of several or even a few dozen heating elements. Such heating units can run with different power ratings and can be fitted with built-in integrated thermostats. The material grade of the heating elements are made based on their working environment (e.g. the corrosive power of liquid), working temperature, and max surface load of a protective tube as well as the flow rate and density of liquid.

Type of heating elements

Direct - Heating element inserted in the liquid Indirect - Heating element separated from the liquid

Field of applications

  • Boilers
  • Electrical water heaters
  • Household and gastronomic appliances
  • Oil filled radiators
  • Electric furnaces for central heating
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Steam generators
  • Medical and industrial equipment
  • Spare parts for heating apparatus
Defrost heaters


This group of tubular straight elements can be supplied in a range of materials dependent upon use and are supplied fully annealed for bending.


Our straight-length defrost heaters are typically employed to defrost coils and evaporating pans.


This type of heater can be clamped to tanks, pipes, or coils.

Elements can also be bent to particular requirements and provided with fixing nipples and other mountings. This element is available up to 5 meters in length maximum, and several diameters.

Field of applications:

  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Compressors
  • Out-door use
Industrial heaters


This group of heating elements is built usually with customized structures made to handle rougher environments.

We offer a wide variety of heating elements for industrial heating.

We take pride in our heating products and strive continually for product excellence. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the most efficient, high-quality, reliable, and low-cost heaters possible. We use the latest technology and the very best construction to ensure our customer's expectations are not only met, but exceeded every time.

We don't just promise excellent service and superior industrial heating products, we deliver. Through continuous training, quality checks, and an emphasis on meeting and exceeding industry standards, we ensure the products we deliver to our customers effortlessly showcase our expertise and exemplify why we are the best in industrial heating. The needs of our customers are always our top priority and we seek to meet them both quickly and completely.

Field of applications:

  • Chemical tanks
  • Steam generators
  • Process air, oil, water
  • Industrial ovens