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Waterbed Heater Product Information

Calesco has been in the waterbed heater business for over 35 years. Calesco heater, with its patented circuit design and generous polyester insulation operates with one of the lowest electromagnetic fields available on the waterbed heater market today. The smaller design of the solid state Calesco control unit allows for passage through most waterbed frame openings with ease. Our unique waterbed heater control system is designed for greater comfort and lower energy consumption.

Description Part Number Voltage Power Size Qty/case
Soft side/Tube mattress WB6403 110V 170W 12x24" 14pcs
Hard side/Soft side WB6405 110V 325W 12X24" 14pcs
European 230V WB6616 230V 250W 12x23" 6pcs

Competitive Advantages of Calesco Water Bed Heater:


  1. Calesco has been making heaters since 1949
  2. Calesco has been making waterbed heaters for over 35 years.
    1. Leading supplier in Europe
    2. Worldwide leader now for Waterbed Heater since entered North American market in 2002


  1. Heating elements are the only products Calesco produces
  2. Engineering done exclusively in Sweden where heat is a way of life


  1. Patented design for low electromagnetic field
  2. Generous polyester insulation

Overheat Protection:

  1. Automatic cut off safety thermistor not available in competitors bulb & cap design
  2. Permits 325 watt Hardside Waterbed Heater to be used on large Softside water bed heater mattresses with minimum of 6 inch fill which can not be done with competitor's models
  3. Permits 170 watt Softside Waterbed Heater to also be used on Tube Mattress Beds which can not be done with competitor's models
  4. No BULB & CAP to potentially put in wrong location causing overheating situation

Solid State/Electronic Controls:

  1. Utilizes Texas Instruments components
  2. Monitors comfort setting with on/off as needed and saves electricity when heat not needed
  3. Provided at same competitive pricing as competitors bulb & cap design
  4. Resists electrical spikes up to 1500 volts

Ease of Use:

  1. Watertight integrated control unit
  2. One piece control unit small enough to fit through bed frame so no need for multiple plugs
  4. Instructions in English, French & Spanish


  1. To UL 1445 Standards for USA
  2. To CSA C22.2 No. 200 Standards for Canada


  1. 1. Fire Resistant Coating on each Water Bed Heater whether hardside heater or softside heater.
  2. 5 Year full term warranty limited to original buyer and limited to product failure or manufacturing defects and product replacement

This Information is Intended to Introduce You to the Advantages of Calesco Waterbed Heaters and is Not Additional Warranties.

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