Immersion Heaters

This group of heating elements is the common alternative for direct heating of various liquids, such as water, oil, solutions, industrial baths, etc. The heating element may be easily shaped to meet customer-specified requirements.  For head-type heating units there is a possibility that the heater itself may be made of several or even a few dozen heating elements. Such heating units can run with different power ratings and can be fitted with built-in integrated thermostats.

The material grade of the heating elements are made based on their working environment (e.g. the corrosive power of liquid), working temperature, and max surface load of a protective tube as well as the flow rate and density of liquid.

Type of heating:
Direct - Heating element inserted in the liquid
Indirect - Heating element separated from the liquid

Typical Applications:
- Boilers
- Electrical water heaters
- Household and gastronomic appliances
- Oil filled radiators
- Electric furnaces for central heating
- Dishwashers
- Washing machines
- Steam generators
- Medical and industrial equipment
- Spare parts for heating apparatus