Air Heater

This group of heating elements is designed to the highest standard by first understanding the air mixture to be heated. We design heating solutions by following strict guidelines to ensure the safest, most efficient heating solution possible. Air flow, specific gravity, volatility, corrosive nature, and watt density are just a few of the factors to be analyzed within the design process of an air heater.

Our tubular heating elements are manufactured using top-quality materials and provide a steady and secure heat source to suit your particular needs.  They provide clean heat, offer versatility, require little maintenance, and are considered easy to install.  Tubular heaters are used in a variety of installations that require higher air temperatures to accomplish drying, baking, and preheating. High temperature duct heaters are also used in annealing and dehumidification as well.

Type of heating elements:
- Tubular
- Finned
- Fin strip
- Cast-in

Field of applications:
- Radiators
- Ovens, grills of all sizes
- Infra-red heaters
- Hot-air curtains
- Sterilization equipment