Power resistors are an electro thermal component designed and produced to meet almost any electrical power specification. The resistor product range covers a wide field, from flat or round-wire wound resistors and steel grid brake resistors to huge modules constructed of water cooled break resistors. This also includes the most advanced insulated high pulse load aluminum housed resistors and steel tube resistors for high voltage applications. Power Resistors are used in connection with power electronic equipment. Some examples are: Voltage dividers, de-charge resistors and start or charging resistors. An important application is brake resistors in connection with frequency converters for motor control. We can supply brake resistors as components for built-in or stand alone units. Another application is heating elements, if high quality requirements are requested, or if brake energy can be re-used as heating energy. As a service to customers for all the products intended for pulse load application we have developed thermal models by which we have the possibility to optimize and find the correct resistor type as the first choice.