1967 - Kanthal buys a license from USA
1970 - Start of Foil division
1973 - Start of Norells Sweden AB in Västeras, mainly producing "domestic" application of heating elements
1975 - First Commercial product : Piglet heater
1981 - First break through into Automotive Industry, rear view mirror heater delivered to Britax Wingard UK to Ford
1984 - Start of Waterbed production
1986 - Norells sells 1 million rear-view mirror heaters
1990 - Opening of Production Plant in France, to be inside EU
1992 - Split of Kanthal and Calesco
1994 - First delivery of RVM heaters into US Market
1995 - Opening of Norells US Office
1996 - Norells sells 5 Million heaters per year
1998 - NIBE buys Calesco
1999 - Norells sells 10 million heaters per year
2000 - Calesco starts a Production unit in Poland
2001 - Calesco takes over Norells Reorganiztion of US Office in Chicago Calesco-Norells sells 15 million heaters per year
2002 - Transfer of Norells Sweden facility (Head Office, Sales, R&D, Production) from Västeras to Kolbäck
2003 - Closing down of Norells France, transfer of production to Poland
2004 - Calesco starts a production unit in China
2005 - Calesco signs an Exclusive Sales and Distribution Agreement with Muth Mirrors Systems for Europe
2006 - Calesco reaches 20 million heaters per year
2007 - New factory site in Shenzhen, China Norells France becomes Calesco France and moves to Lyon in July
2008 - April : Calesco moves its Logistics Department for Europe to Backer-OBR, Poland October : Calesco moves its Logistics Department for Asia-Australia to Shel-Nibe, China
2009 - Calesco integrates into Backer group and Calesco Norells North America becomes Backer Heating Technologies