PVC Heaters

Backer Heating Technologies, Inc. PVC heater has been designed to prove efficient and uniform heat distribution to any system of your choice. They are a reliable and economical heat source designed for trouble-free performance and improved operational efficiency.

It’s extremely rugged build, which uses the finest quality materials, has makes PVC heaters a perfect choice for use in harsh, critical, and industrial environments. These heaters also offer excellent and dependable performance in wet, muddy and dusty environments and are resistant to oils, solvents, and many other abrasive chemicals. They are the ideal heater for applications where extreme and varying temperature conditions may apply.

Typical Applications

- Waterbed heaters
- Surgery beds and tables
- Slim blankets
- Water heaters
- Military applications
- Battery heaters

Backer Heating Technologies’ PVC heaters are water-proof, flexible, acid resistant and possess high mechanical strength.

Some of the technical specifications of our PVC heaters units include:

- Maximum element temperature °C (°F): 70 (158)
- Minimum element temperature °C (°F): -40 (-40)
- Dielectric strength at 20°C as per ASTM KV/mm: 15
- Maximum element width mm: 800

Backer Heating Technologies’ PVC heater units are robust in form and dependable in operation. Explore our exclusive product line of electrical heating elements to select the most appropriate one for your specific heating applications.

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Technical Specifications

Max. element temp. °C,(°F)


Min. element temp.°C,(°F)


Dielectric strength at 20°C as per ASTM KV/mm


Thermal conductivity at 100°C W/m °K


Moisture absorption as per ASTM D-570-63.
(24 hour immersion at 23°C) %


Waterproof as per IEC 335-1 sect. 15-16


Constant of dielectricity at 25°C, 50 Hz


Bending radius, min. mm


Max. element width mm


Power density W/cm2


Resistance tolerance

As standard, ± 10% of nominal. Tolerance down to ± 2%, available

Rated voltage

Up to 230 V AC/DC single or 3-phase