Polyimide (Kapton) Heater

Backer Heating Technologies’ Kapton Heater units have been designed using an etched foil element sandwiched between two layers of thin Kapton (polyimide) film. They are extremely strong, flexible and light-weight. These heaters provide very precise heat distribution to any surface or material and are great for use in many unfavorable conditions.

Heater properties

Backer Heating Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance and top-of-the-line Kapton Heaters. These heaters work in all types of extreme temperatures:  lower temperature applications as low as -271°C (liquid helium) and higher temperatures up to 220°C. 

The product features:

- Excellent dielectric strength
- Good chemical resistance
- Resistant to most chemicals, acids and bases
- Excellent tear resistance
- Low out-gassing
- Small and flexible radius
- Resistant to radiation and fungus

Kapton Heater units from Backer Heating Technologies are available in a wide array of configurations to suit many different requirements across various industry sectors. In addition to our standard Kapton heaters, we also provide custom heaters in various shapes, sizes and power densities. 

Whatever your requirements may be, our heaters give you the ideal heating solution for your application.  They are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the critical conditions of both industrial and commercial environments.

Typical applications

- Military/aerospace, where low out gassing properties are required
- Medical diagnostic instruments, where autoclave cleaning or sterilization is needed
- Photographic Equipment
- LCD Displays
- Laboratory Equipment

Our Kapton heater units are robust in construction and dependable in function. Our selection of quality materials and advanced fabrication technology give us the ability to make heaters with maximum precision. This advanced fabrication process, complemented with our extensive inspection of all heaters, ensures the safety of our customers while minimizing the number of quality defects.  This is how we’ve earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted suppliers of heating elements in the world.  

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>> Technical Specifications

Max. element temp.°C, (°F)

220 (428)

Min. element temp.°C,(°F)

-271 (-455)

Dielectric strength at 20°C as per ASTM KV/mm


Thermal conductivity at 100°C W/m °K


Moisture absorption as per ASTM D-57063.
(24 hour immersion at 23°C) %


Waterproof as per IEC 335-1 sect. 15-16


Constant of dielectricity at 25°C, 50 Hz


Bending radius, min. mm


Max. element width mm


Power density W/cm2


Resistance tolerance

As standard, ± 10% of nominal.  Tolerance down to ± 2%, available

Rated voltage

Up to 690 V AC/DC single or 3-phase