Flexible Foil Heaters

Flexible foil heaters provide precise, dependable and immediate heat transfer for many applications. Our innovation center is employed with highly qualified engineers continuously working with new applications and materials. This allows us to find the optimal heating solution to meet your needs and produce it quickly. Our flexible heaters consist of an etched-foil laminated between one of our flexible insulations.

Flexible heating foil offers many advantages

Heating foil elements are manufactured to customer specifications

Multiple circuits
An element may comprise both a heating-up and a temperature holding circuit. 

Heating Foil elements are flexible: they can, for example, be mounted around a container. 

Even temperatures
Elements may have differentiated heating density to ensure even temperatures despite edge losses.

Easy sensor location
Sensor connections are arranged in the same plane as the heating circuit. 

Multiple voltages
A 12 V connection - to drive a fan, for example -may be arranged in a 220/240 V element. 

Flexible foil heaters are used in many applications throughout various industries. They are used in many green technologies, medical devices, telecommunications, food service, military, and transportation. Our flexible foil heaters also offer many more benefits including custom watt densities, various dielectric strengths, thin or thick profiles, added pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), or bond directly to heat sinks.