Company Overview

Backer Heating Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of NIBE Industries.  NBE Industries is comprised of 3 business areas, NIBE Element , NIBE Heating, NIBE Stoves, each with its own operational management, take-overs, start-ups, financial control, human resources and other policy issues are dealt with at group level. The parent company NIBE Industrier AB (registered office in Markaryd, Sweden) has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s list since 1997.

Backer Heating Technologies, Inc. is a North American sales and distribution center for the business area of NIBE Element.  NIBE Element is the market leader in northern Europe and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of components and systems for electric heating. Its mission statement is to supply components and systems for electric heating to both manufacturers and users of heating products. The market consists of two main groups: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), where, for example, an element is used as a component in the customer’s product, and the other is Industry, where the element is used in the customer’s own manufacturing process.

Backer Heating Technologies, Inc. is comprised of a sales team in support of the NIBE Element group.  NIBE Element’s product range includes various technologies to serve the needs of many different areas of application.  The primary range of products currently distributed through the US office comes from the Backer BHV group.  The foil heater product line, under the brand Calesco, is manufactured in Kolback, Sweden, specializing in adaptable applications of flexible foil elements providing heat for a wide variety of industries. 

Swedish design has always been known for its superior strength, safety, and rugged qualities. This combined with Sweden's need to find protection from the cold has led our engineers to much innovation in providing warmth — starting with the innovation of rearview mirror heaters and waterbed heaters over 30 years ago.  Backer is now the largest rear view mirror heater and waterbed heater manufacturer in the world.

With majority of plants in Europe as well as in China and Mexico, Backer is well situated to offer both high quality and cost competitiveness.  Backer has invested heavily in refocusing the North American operations with an eye toward increased business and improved quality along with service for its North American customers.  Being a part of the NIBE Element group allows us to take on any size project, small or large.